Since I’m not bothered to type out anything special yet (not sure what I’m applying for this coming summer), here’s just an objective summary:

Jefferson Zhang, 16. Sophomore at Singapore American School.

linkedin | discord | github

  • Head electrical/systems officer of One Degree North robotics team
  • System design/integration enthusiast
  • Keyboard designer, hobbyist, and at times, manufacturer
  • Spare-time software developer
  • Sysadmin whenever my servers break down
  • Overclocker and computer hardware enthusiast
  • Online content creator when I feel like it
  • Programming teacher for family friends
  • [TODO] get into competitive programming

Proficient programming languages:

  • Python 3
  • Arduino C++-like
  • STM32 in C
  • Unity C#
  • Standard C/C++
  • Java
  • sh/bash/zsh
  • some ARM assembly (only useful for debugging imo)


  • Electronics system design, development, and integration
  • Algorithms programming in Python
  • Game design in Unity
  • Tensorflow – except my AIs typically suck
  • CAD in Fusion 360
  • PCB design in KiCAD
  • Database management (MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB)
  • Linux (mostly Fedora/CentOS) server management
  • Technical documentation

Oh yeah I took the SAT and got a 1570 if that shows absolutely anything at all